Cyber CNS


Vulnerability Management Platform


  • CyberCNS VM is a Cloud- native, centrally managed, multi-tenant platform.
  • Deploy CyberCNS with your existing RMM tool.
  • Validate and secure WFH environments.
  • Test attack surfaces with external scans.
  • Integration with your ticketing system.

Cloud Integrated

Our platform integrates with Office365 and Azure, including CSP, to provide a unified security view and delivers the Office 365 Secure Score.

Continuously detect, manage & protect your IT assets for CVEs, zero-day vulnerabilities, and common misconfigurations based on CIS 20 Benchmarks.

CyberCNS Vulnerability Manager (VM) is the only platform that empowers you to gain control of customer risks by identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities across their entire attack surface including traditional, cloud, mobile and DevOps environments.

Patch Management Is Not Vulnerability Management

Differentiate yourself from your competition who are telling their customers that their RMM tool resolves vulnerabilities. Vulnerability management is confused with patching. Deliver more value by providing comprehensive vulnerability management.

Bring In Net New MRR

Drive new MRR by showing companies immediate results through:

  • Initial assessment
  • Developing a roadmap
  • Leave in place for continuous monitoring

Stay Ahead of the Competition & the Criminals

Over 300 new vulnerabilities were detected on average every day in 2020 versus 28 vulnerabilities discovered per day in 2016. CyberCNS simplifies the complexity of vulnerability management. Now existing support teams can effectively manage vulnerabilities reducing risk.

Reporting Your Way

There are several options when it comes to reporting.

  • Choose from our library
  • Create your own custom templates
  • Customizable Branding
  • Easily export reports in a variety of formats (HTML,CSV,PDFandPowerPoint).

CyberCNS Vulnerability Manager Feature Comparison Chart

Asset Discovery and Trackingcheck-icon1check-icon1check-icon1
Active Directory Discovery and Trackingcheck-icon1
Office 365 Assets and Secure Scorewrong-iconwrong-iconcheck-icon1
Intune Assets Discovery and Trackingwrong-iconwrong-iconcheck-icon1
Azure Assets Discovery and Trackingcheck-icon1
(Separate Module)
Windows Vulnerabilitiescheck-icon1check-icon1check-icon1
Mac OScheck-icon1check-icon1check-icon1
Active Directory Users and Groups Compliancewrong-iconwrong-iconcheck-icon1
SMB/CIFS Shareswrong-iconwrong-iconcheck-icon1
Software Inventorywrong-iconcheck-icon1check-icon1
Software Whitelist and Blacklist checkswrong-iconwrong-iconcheck-icon1
Lightweight agent to run with RMM toolscheck-icon1check-icon1check-icon1
Centralized Dashboardcheck-icon1check-icon1check-icon1
Predefined Reportscheck-icon1check-icon1check-icon1
Build your own Reportwrong-iconcheck-icon1check-icon1
Automated Monthly Review Presentationwrong-iconwrong-iconcheck-icon1
Software Patches and Updates Checkcheck-icon1check-icon1check-icon1
External Scanscheck-icon1check-icon1check-icon1
Web Vulnerability Scannercheck-icon1check-icon1check-icon1
Configurable Notificationscheck-icon1check-icon1check-icon1
Webhooks supportwrong-iconwrong-iconcheck-icon1
Port Scans and Reportscheck-icon1check-icon1check-icon1
Automated SSL Checks(Ciphers and Protocols)check-icon1check-icon1check-icon1
Rest APIcheck-icon1check-icon1check-icon1
Configurable Schedulerscheck-icon1check-icon1check-icon1
Single License covers all Assetswrong-iconcheck-icon1check-icon1

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