Built for MSPs / MSSPs

Multi Tenant, Integrated with your PSA



Automatically discover all your Network assets with our deep asset discovery capability



Monitor your Network Assets for Uptime, Configuration issues and much more



Track Network Vulnerabilities and Exploits including support for Active Directory, Office 365 and more.

Key Capabilities

Deep Asset Discovery

  • Windows (WMI, SMB,WinRM)
  • SNMP
  • UPNP
  • ZeroConf
  • SSH
  • AllJoyn (Coming Soon)

Complete Asset Discovery to help mitigate Risks & Shadow IT

User Router Assessment

  • Checks end user routers for vulnerabilities
  • Checks if routers have easy to use passwords
  • Checks if the router passwords are hackable
  • Scores the various access points that users connect to from Windows

Track if end users connected to VPN are doing so from a secure network


  • User Analysis
  • Computer Analysis
  • Active Directory Policies
  • Password Policies
  • User Behaviour Tracking
  • Integration with Winlogbeat

Lower your Risk by securing your Active Directory

Risk Assessment

  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Missing Patches and upgrades report
  • Application Vulnerabilities
  • Installed Software Report
  • Non Approved Software Report
  • Per Asset and Company Risk Scores

Vulnerability Tracking and Assessing Risk across Assets and groups in an Organization

Who We Are

Protect Your Network Assets From Vulnerabilities

We believe that MSPs shouldn’t be stuck using software built for large enterprises. Using best in breed scanning technologies, we created a vulnerability scanning solution just for you.

Quick & Easy To Deploy

Just drop a small “agent” on any one Windows PC on your network and gain full visibility of your Network performance, Topology and much more

Continuous Vulnerability Scans

Point in time Vulnerability scans are no longer effective. You need continuous scans for Vulnerabilities and help on Remediating these vulnerabilities

Complete Asset Discovery

Rank assets by criticality to manage business impact

CyberCNS follows NIST

  • CyberCNS meets all requirements that are part of the IDENTIFY in the NIST cybersecurity framework
  • Performs Asset Discovery, Vulnerability Management
  • Prevention is better than Cure is an old adage that holds true. It is a proven fact that by following the NIST guidelines you will improve your chances of minimising the impact of cyber attacks, by 99%.
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We Are With You

Stay Ahead With Our Continuous
Vulnerability Manager

Customer Testimonials

The CyberCNS platform allows us to identify and manage assets and vulnerabilities for our clients

The CyberCNS platform allows us to identify and manage assets and vulnerabilities for our clients, fulfilling the Identify components of cybersecurity frameworks like NIST and the CIS Top 20 Controls. The fact that this platform is built with service providers in mind means that we can use this across our client base without hassle-free at a cost that makes it a no-brainer to bundle with all our services. The most exciting part of CyberCNS is the interactive development process, rapidly adding features that make our lives as service providers easier.

Tim Fournet

CyberCNS brought better capabilities than our previous tools

We were using different tools for our vulnerability management for our existing clients and as an assessment tool for our prospects and offensive security engagements. CyberCNS allowed us to consolidate those tools and brought better capabilities than our previous tools. CyberCNS’s team’s rapid development brought superior scanning, a team that is constantly innovating and now what feels an extension of our own team rather than just a faceless vendor. And we saved some money to boot.

Raffi Jamgotchian, CISSP
CEO of Triada Networks